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    Times Square, New York #travel

  • Stefany Christie

    NYC New York City Manhattan I want to live here! I want to walk through Time Square to go shopping, ride in a cab through the city at night and see it's beauty. I want to stroll through Central Park in the snow and through the leaves. I want to be surrounded by people all the time.

  • Marzia Pinto

    big city life

  • Charlotte Mitchell

    NYC Times Square ♥ stylefruits Inspiration ♥ #newyork

  • Aurora Airaskorpi

    LIFE: My love for big cities is eternal. The buzz, the smells, the noise and the people intrigue me. New York City is a definite favourite.

  • Lily An

    New York City was an amazing experience. Dad worked downtown for 6 years and always took the subway in. I admire my Mum for driving us from Flushing Meadows across the Queensboro bridge to the city. Empire State, Bloomingdales etc were where we were @. Wishing we had done Broadway more and loved Greenwich Village. " Oh,oh, I am an alien, I'm a legal alien, I am an alien in New York " was Sting's ode to the Big Apple.

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You're right, I should get my head out of the clouds. I want to walk on them, like my Father walked on water.

NEW YORK CITY - My old building - World Wide Plaza

Central Park, NYC. That's one of the things I love the most about New york; there's nothing more peaceful than the parks & squares hidden on the concrete jungle.

Gotta love the yellow fire escape!

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New York City. I've been there once, but I HAVE to go back. I was only there for a day, so I don't feel like it really counts.

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