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LOL, these were my favorite toys to play with when I was little! I would create homes for them with the Fisher Price house and furniture along with those blocks that came in a blue square, orange cylinders, yellow have moon rectangles and red retangle blocks! I would love to have them today!!!

TV dinners///my girls thought it was so cool that all the food was on one tray. Their grandparents gave them Swanson dinners.

TV trays... if there was something special on TV we were allowed to eat in the living room on TV trays.

Fisher Price Happy Apple. I loved my Happy Apple, he dingled when he rolled around. :) #happymemory

I still have this toy that belonged to my children. It is still a favorite with the grandchildren!

TV antenna. It had to turn it by hand to get ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. When we got more high tech.... we got an inside rotary box.

1970s Fisher Price Xylophone Pull Along Toy- we handed it down from our first born (1978) to our second (1982) then our third (1990). It's a timeless classic!!

TV Dinnners ... eating in front of the TV. Loved the dessert in the top middle section.

80's drama tv shows | Doogie Howser, MD, TV Show, Television Show, Season, 1, 2, 3, 4, DVD ...

Fisher Price Schoolhouse!! I had one and played with it for so many years!