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“Literally, a song can be about seven different things. I do think of songs almost as collages of different images, and so the references will just come from all over the place, and I don’t really know how they’ll all fit together until the song is finished"- Florence

Tom Hiddlestons eye. Like seriously every celebrity had gorgeous eyes. Like Benedict Cumberbatch. And now him! I'm just over here like "yeah brown eyes. Woohoo!"

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Are You A Princess Or A Queen?

Eilidh the princess. Eilidh has faced many losses during her young life. She witnessed her mother's murder, she doesn't know her adoptive mother, her aunt, and she has an identity crisis. She is almost crushed by grief, but her aunt Miriel shows her the beauty of our world. Eilidh becomes the strong-willed and stable young lady she is.

BODIE and FOU★ Le Blog | Effortless chic | French Interiors | Inspiring Design: {WISE WORDS} Work and passion

The original Color Me Beautiful book notes that the Ingenue may mature to become a Romantic. Holland Roden for Maxim USA july/august 2014.

((FC: Meghan Trainor)) Hey I'm Meghan but you can call me Meg! I'm 19, and a single Pringle!! My best friend is Paige, her and I have been through a lot together! Anyways, I'm supposedly flirty according to Paige! *laughs a little* But I'm pretty quirky and I love to sing and dance. And yeah I'm overweight, do you have a problem with that?? I'm all about that bass! *laughs* Intro?

FAO Exclusive Joyeux Barbie Doll.. I would have to say one of the most beautiful BFMC dolls I have every beautiful and graceful, just wowoowowowoowow...:-)