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"The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for." Author Unknown

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

STORY STARTER: When ___________heard a voice whispering, “_________________,” she knew she was not alone. **Common Core State Standards: L1, W3, W10, SL4 (uses clauses/transitions/commas, writes routinely within time frames, uses adequate volume) Lesson link: (Photo source link provided below) Have longer lessons delivered to your inbox monthly by clicking

Writing Prompt: Explain this unfortunate situation. <-- i'm kind of imagining a worker on the second floor of a department store getting angry and slamming a dummy's feet through the floor. :)

Brotherly love (oh my gosh, how great would this picture be when they're older?)

Cute shot of childhood best friend if they can make it through to high school for the senior slide show!

Story Stones. This blog tells exactly how she made them and the materials she used from fabric to pages from craft books using Mod Podge. She also recommends trying it with stickers and varnish.

The Family of Children - Grosset

Cute vintage picture of child with dolls

brothers - so sweet, would like to see another one like this where they're looking at the camera.

Water. We take it for granted while 1 billion people lack access to safe water. Join us on March 20, when we will donate a day of social media to Find out how: #MicroistDay