Small Anchor Tattoo on Shoulder for Women

Beautiful anchor tattoo anchor tattoo anchor Awesome tattoo on the hand.

Anchor with Heart Behind-the-ear Tattoo

21 Behind-the-ear Tattoo Ideas

A trend set into motion by many Hollywood celebrities, behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming extremely popular among girls. In this Buzzle article, we have provided 21 behind-the-ear tattoo ideas that are fashionable, yet classy.


"anchor tattoo, Did you know:The anchor tatoo was often used to show that they were Christian while escaping persecution from the Greeks. The anchor tattoo design has become a symbol for stability and a strong foundation." Love the anklets as well.

The 20  Most Unbelievable Anchor Tattoos

Faith hope love Corinthians Anchor tattoo Artist: Kris Patay - Owner The Art House Tattoo Co.

100 Appealing Anchor Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men and Women

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