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She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!

to teach children about germs spreading!! put glitter in your hand sanitizer, rub it all over your hands then shake hands with child, the glitter spreads from hand to hand. it'll only take a moment before he notices the glitter - then discuss the transfer of germs and that germs are unseen. Go wash your hands, notice that some glitter remains - to get rid of the germs have a discussion about proper hand washing (use soap, wash long enough...)

Calm Down Spot? Rain Bottle -fill a dry empty bottle with a box of toothpicks. Add rice (uncooked) to the bottle leaving an empty space of about 1 1/2 inches at the top. Seal the lid. As you gently turn the bottle, the rice falls through the toothpicks, sounding like rain.

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Hands-on Science: What is blood made of

What is blood made of A hands-on science demonstration

Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain. Kids love experiments! WEATHER UNIT

Cool Down Cubes - great for students who have difficulty with anger. Using a permanent marker, write a safe "cool down" strategy on each ice cube. For example: count to ten, walk away, talk to a friend, take three deep breaths, etc. I also left a few of the cubes blank so that the students could come up with their own strategies.

Free Science Internet Resources - April 2012 - Are you still looking for Free Virtual Science web resources to plan lessons, share with your students or provide enrichment materials? We have compiled another list of Free Virtual Science Resources. Check out the full list on

Phonics phones are a must-have item in your small group intervention area. Step-by-step directions for making your own on the blog.

DIY Whisper Phones~ Children use these to hear themselves as they quietly read aloud. This post has great directions and with pictures that explain how to make them with inexpensive materials.

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15 Recommended Preschool and Kindergarten Resources

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