everybody talks about a pic of when the groom first sees the bride but don't forget about a pic when Dad first sees her!

Save Seats For Those Who Can't Be There But Are There In Spirit. . . I had a corsage for my mom with her portrait. Some days I still wonder how I survive life without her. Miss you mommy.....

I'm gonna cry

At the bottom of the cake, hide whatever the groom likes... sports mascot, band logo, anything. Because it's just as much his day as it is yours.

I will do this. I love my sweet daddy

A moment of prayer before the ceremony

Wedding; dads first look.

a must do for my daddy

Brides: 11 Emotional Mother-of-the-Bride Moments | Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses | Brides.com

hope I get a reaction like that

Would love a pic of me twirling around outside in my wedding dress. :)

Such a sweet moment. Bride's dad sees his daughter on her wedding day for the first time. Mom looks on in tears. | wedding photography by Natalie Moser

An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl. | 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal

Wedding pic ideas: How they all met the bride

little moments. I want my photographer to capture things like this.

Take a photo THROUGH your spouse's wedding ring!- it would be cute to do the bride and groom holding hands in a ring or both.

A cute idea for your wedding photo shooting... We LOVE it!

This classic A-line wedding dress is perfect for a traditional bride.

Everyone deserves one of these pictures