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    ♂ Perspective man and nature elephant by gregorycolbert

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    Gregory Colbert Ashes and SThe Nomadic Museum, the travelling home of Ashes and Snow, debuted in New York (March to June 2005) and then traveled around the globe. I was at that opening exhibition and it was one of the most moving and atmospheric art experiences ever. 50 large-scale photographic artworks, a 60-minute feature film, and two short films. -

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    by Gregory Colbert #photo #photography #picture #pictures #art #animal #pet #model #elephant #wild #shoot #shooting

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May the guardian elephants watch over you in the New Year. —Gregory Colbert

If the clouds are out tonight and there are no stars to wish upon, you can always make a wish upon an elephant. The elephants’ tusks are wishing gates, and if you were to stand before them, what would you wish?—Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert will be on continuous filming expeditions in the Caribbean Sea, Africa

Gregory Colbert - elephant family

As pessoas às vezes perguntam se eu estou com medo quando estou em tal proximidade com os animais. Eu só posso dizer que a única maneira que eu tenho sido rasgada é por ter que deixar para trás amigos elefantes, orangotangos, chitas, caracals, raias, ou baleias. Mas eu gostaria de fazer todos os Olá e adeus mais uma vez, desde que isso significava que eu teria a oportunidade de compartilhar suas histórias. Animais ajudar-me a lembrar de todos os sonhos que eu pensei que eu tinha esquecido e lemb

When Christopher Columbus first saw manatees, he thought they were mermaids. He dreamed of taking shelter on their tail flukes.—Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert "sees himself as an apprentice to nature. His works are collaborations between humans and other species that express the poetic sensibilities and imaginations of human and animals. His images offer an inclusive non-hierarchical vision of the natural world, one that depicts an interdependence and symmetry between humanity and the rest of life." Wikipedia

I love this. Beauty. You should see the films from which these stills are taken.