Honda posters

Rock Flyer / Poster 6 by BlueMonkeyLab , via Behance

layout design

Meet Didot.

Festivais GIL VICENTE 2012 by Atelier Martino & Jana

Editorial design

Broardwalk Empire #poster

Cream/Crop Magazine by Kevin Tran –

design, colors, typography




cool poster design

I'm really liking this style. Has a lot of potential for Business Today in PA. Bonus: It's very forward-moving.

#houseofdesign | Great Table of Contents Layout

interesting layout. probably too modular...but there's something in the dissection that I like...

bottom image

Need to learn PS 3D! This is a really interesting layout. The design takes up the whole page so there isn't any empty space. The layout is spaced well and lots of articles fit on to the page. Over all the best thing about the design is the creative aspect of it.

Layout / brochure

Rachel Lin's - ransom note layout (Graphic Design, Typography)