Multiplo, a lone piece of furniture is enough to complete your kids room or play room or family/game room easily. This looks like fun.


Transformer Design Ideas, Modern Furniture for Small Spaces

modular furniture

Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom

Hidden doors -- This company makes cabinets, bookshelves and anything you can think of that fits your existing doorjambs thus hiding the door (and also making use of the space).


mirror ironing board...extremely cool

5 Amazing Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

small bedroom ideas!

Lego Wall

A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

Chest of draws

Chairs from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds. Secret table and chairs hide in shelves.

are you serious?? How cool!!!! functional... coolest EVER


La quiero!

Small space ideas?

unused vaulted entry turned playroom office.