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  • Elysse Bradley Doswell

    Teachers, here is a great idea. Frosting containers as storage for borders. SO much better than the long cardboard boxes!

  • Starr Scott

    Frosting containers as storage for borders. SO much better than the long cardboard boxes ! A good idea for all you teachers!

  • Bridgett Junkin

    I think this is an awesome idea to help keep classrooms organized and to keep bulletin board borders clean enough to be reused

  • Shari Kalous

    Frosting containers to store borders. Good excuse to buy frosting! :) Good idea for any kind of teacher! Or as a gift for one!

  • Regina Rich Hcg

    Classroom ideas

  • Susan

    Teacher's tip: Frosting containers as storage for bulletin board borders. So much better than the long cardboard boxes!

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