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  • Liz Cunningham

    punctuation---for my English teacher friends and husband

  • Jim Norton

    check out this funny picture The Women’s Way is Always Better! -

  • Stacey Sobelman, Independent Jamberry Consultant

    Girl Power and Grammar Power!! #winning.

  • Ashley Mathis

    You go girls!

  • Julie Hodas

    An English professor wrote the words: A woman without her man is nothing on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly. All of the males wrote: A woman, without her man, is nothing. All of the females wrote: A woman: without her, man is nothing. Punctuation is powerful - Funny picture quotes

  • Anna Burgess

    What the women wrote is so true!!

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A few misplaced commas can change everything. Come be amazed at the power of punctuation to alter meaning and outrage your reader!

My baby, my baby♥ ...soon, I will have to start a board titled 'Tom Hiddleston' or something! XD

I LOVE this! Sometimes I'm not the best at punctuation, but it bugs me when it's very obvious!

There's the romantic "Need" (You complete me, My life is better with you, I couldn't imagine life without you) and the codependent "Need" (I need a man to be complete, I need to not be alone). The difference is one occurs after you've fallen in love and even though its sweet it isn't literal. the other is always there, and is often the reason people end up in bad relationships, and their own self worth depends on being with someone. I never "need" a man, but I have found the one my soul "needs"

Women don't want to hear what you think. They want to hear what they think-- in a deeper voice.

This guy. This guy deserves all the medals…

this should happen! Like instead of a wifi sign-in page..have this. I am so gonna do that haha :D

If the woman stands right beside the man, isn't he standing right beside her? Therefore, for the same reason, behind every great woman stands no man...

Fun Learning Opportunity! Take this silly poem and have youngsters identify the "wrongs" and name the correct version... etc.

If you live off a man's compliments you'll die from his criticism. -Cornelius Lindsey

Yes! I can't STAND when people think I'm stupid for saying "y'all." I will ALWAYS correct someone who refers to a group of men and women as "you guys" - I AM NOT A GUY. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!