Pier Luigi Nervi - Aircraft hanger, Orvieto 1935. Via.

Palazzeto dello sport, Pier Luigi Nervi

Pier Luigi Nervi

Modsim / Yazgan Design Architecture


Pier Luigi Nervi

Saint Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, California by Pietro Belluschi and Pier Luigi Nervi in 1971


Villa Chapultepec México by architect Manuel González Rul 1968

Auditorio de Tenerife

Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers ( モード学園スパイラルタワーズ ), Nakamura Ward ( 中村区 ), Nagoya ( 名古屋 ), Aichi Prefecture ( 愛知県 ), Japan ( 日本 )

Palazzo del Lavoro, Pier Luigi Nervi, Turin, Pier Luigi Nervi, 1959-61

aircraft hanger in Orvieto by Pier Luigi Nervi (1935)

Santiago Calatrava, Zürich

Pier Luiji Nervi, Roof Structure: Three Parabolic Vaults, 100’ High, Spanning 115’, 1959-61

Boxel, architecture students from the University of Applied Sciences based in Detmold.

Singapore's floating towers

landscape architecture + urban design Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan

Opera house by Zaha Hadid in China

Bilbao dept of health, guardian sunguard

Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall, Kristiansand