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  • Casie Orris

    Id call this a parenting win for sure.. just hang him up so he can't get away. Then go take a nap.

  • Caitlin Smith

    :) babysitting ideas

  • Tammi Carter

    bad parents, worst parents ever, parenting fails, boy hung on wall. As if getting wedgies on the playground isn't traumatic enough, this kid comes home and gets the same treatment from his mom and dad. What's next, a swirlie?

  • Sammy Houston

    27 Reasons Children are a TERRIBLE IDEA, very funny. My favorite is #17!!

  • Violet Smale

    Alright so this article is funny but mean. Most of the children in this are in there predicaments die to poor parenting. Most kids would never do this.

  • Rachael H

    timeout hook, lol, so cruel but so funny

  • PAAAH!

    Babysitting like a boss! PAAAH! :D

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