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Belekoy - A sweet pastry made from flour, sugar, sesame seeds, and vanilla. A Filipino delicacy, one of the treats from around the world to include in our bakery. Maybe this could be turned into a good truffle or even by itself

Bukayo / Coconut Marzipan - is made by simmering strips of young coconut meat in water, rolled into balls and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The molasses or brown sugar gives that rich color.

ADORA's Box: SWEET AND SPICY BEEF TAPA~Beef tapa is a classic Filipino dish which simply means fried beef slices. It became more popular when it was included in the trio of perfect sinangag (fried rice) and fried egg partners alongside longganiza (Filipino sausage) and tocino (cured pork).

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Strawberry Cream Puff Pastry Cups

Strawberry Cream Puff Pastry Cups | The Bitter Side of Sweet

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Banana Cue

BANANA CUE~ 1 large bunch Saba bananas (15-20), 1 cup brown sugar, oil for frying, kabob sticks.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Pie with Chevron Crust

Strawberry Rhubarb pie with chevron crust

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#17 Pan de sal

pan de sal, filipino sweet bread - I should make this for W as he's filipino :)

Puto Kuchinta is one of the another delicious sweet dessert steamed cake made of rice flour, sugar and water. The ingredients may sound simple yet taste excellent especially when topped with shredded coconut.

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Phyllo Raspberry Pop Tarts

Phyllo Raspberry Pop Tarts with Vanilla Glaze | | Layers of Phyllo Sheets filled with Raspberry Jam and topped with a sweet Vanilla Glaze. | #recipe #breakfast #dessert #raspberries