:)awwwwww what a great big sister


This is adorable

I have always wanted to know what came after - After While crocodile...

Life is the right of every child....

A powerful statement.

More Ways That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Acts Of Kindness..be the start of a chain reaction

Meant to be...

u won't find a perfect one but u don't care

This is true.

I love this picture. 90% of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. Choose life, ALL children are blessings!

I appreciate him more as an adult.

oh how true

This is for you @Janae McKendry! I dont think I have been mad at you but I know you have been mad at me! But you are my best friend and I love you to pieces and the lil human inside of you!

this is absolutely precious


Very sweet.