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Present Cat

help that poor little kitty

XD LOLZ SO TRUE! When I was just getting a donut at the HEB when I came back my dog scratch the sofa XD I WILL NEVER EVER BE MAD AT MY DOG NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES - more funny things:

A fat cat in a small cat bed....need i say more...Make's me think of O'Malley!!!@Jenny Newton

hahahaha awwwwww #sealpup

This awkward first kiss is so cute, be calm and look at this awkward kiss! | 31 Cute Animals To Look At Instead Of Studying How to you add your #cute #animal/ #animals/ #pet/ #pets to ipad air case




theBERRYfrom theBERRY

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5.) They like Taco Bell (Not confirmed, but there is photographic evidence).