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  • RaveNectar

    Hordaland Fylke, Norway #ravenectar #earth #planet #beautiful #places #travel #place #nature #world

  • Alexa Krivickij

    Hordaland Fylke, Norway. Oh my word. It may be in Norway, but it reminds me of the lion king. :-)

  • Herb Firestone

    Living On the Edge | What a beautiful photo! Hordaland Fylke, Norway | #breathtaking

  • Tina Ramsay

    Hordaland Fylke, Norway #humans #nature #outdoors #wild #explore #adventure #nature #forest #photography #hike

  • Verena Decker

    Hordaland Fylke (Trolltunga), Norway.

  • Ruby Willett

    Hordaland Fylke, Norway #traveling #travel #adventure #europe #beautiful

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"When you escape from something, you don't abscond into nothing -- you escape from one place to another. The excitement is in the instant of deliverance itself, because that, not the final destination, is the only moment of being free. It's the moment of feeling most alive and most oneself, unburdened by the expectations on either side." -- Elisabeth Eaves

Trolltunga in Norway Trolltunga is one of the most spectactular scenic cliffs in Norway. Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. The view is breathtaking.

I would be whimpering, laying on my stomach clinging to this thing with urine running down both sides. No way, no how, no thank you!!

Kjeragbolten is a boulder wedged in a mountain crevice in the Kjerag mountains in Norway. Below the boulder is a sheer drop of about 3200 feet (1000 meters) to Lysefjorden.

Lake Bondhusvatnet / Folgefonna National Park, Norway

Bondhusbreen, Norway - the steepest sidearm of the main Folgefonna glacier on the eponymous peninsula and in the eponymous National Park.

Longyearbyen at the end of the Isfjorden estuary in central Svalbard. Svalbard is a huge collection of islands in the High Arctic under the guardianship of Norway.

Norway. Please like and follow @RagDollMagBlog @priscillacita

Norway - I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Norway, take a cruise through the fjords, see dynamic vistas like this one. Holy Cow!