Fancy - Magic Wand Remote Control

Carry a wand!

Hana!!!! Magic Wand Remote Control.....shut up.

Fancy - bathroom

There's always one..

this way to the ministry of magic

Easily DIY wands using cooking chop sticks for your favorite little wizard (or, you know, yourself).

That would've been great!!!

You Are The Magic

I'm laughing so much right now

Programmable TV remote Wand.

Magic Wand Remote Control YES!!

Typewriter Keyboard

UV-C Sanitizing Wand - kills 99.9% of bacteria...what an interesting device.

Magic Wand Remote Control - $89.95

When you fill it with something hot, I it changes to white and says "mischief managed". So amazing!

Instant-Sanitizing Kitchen Wand.

I dig it | Writers of the digital age: Don't worry you can still live out your Hemingway fantasy. Plug your iPad into a USB typewriter!

ipad typewriter

Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers! Feel like a wizard every time you need a dash of spice. Yes Please!