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Check out this coop! Who thinks of these things? Seriously, I would have never thought to turn a chest of drawers into a chicken coop, but I love it!

Oh my gosh, what a great blog about building a backyard chicken coop! Thank you Lyanda, Jerry, Claire, and Marigold for sharing! :-D

My favorite part of this chicken coop and yard is the picket-type fence. Because a back yard is already fenced in, the fear of coyotes and other predators isn't an issue.

Urban Farm Chicken Coop. Never know? It would be great to have a continuous supply of eggs. Easier than milking a cow. ;)

ideas for new coop - like the sides that are different lengths of boards

Chicken coop & potting shed, one at each end

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

Is this the next step? Raising chickens is no longer for the rural farmer. Hobby farming within the boundaries of a residential lot is all the craze, making your morning omelet taste so much better with fresh eggs from the backyard. Most chicken coops take up less room than a toolshed, and although raising chickens may seem overwhelming, daily tasks are easy enough for teens to complete

This is for when I'm an old lady living up in the country. There will be fresh eggs, rabbits, calves skipping around in the spring, one garden full of tomatoes and another full of flowers. There will be catfish in the pond, a couple of dogs in the yard, and a cat to liven things up. There will always be coffee & cake for visitors, y'all plan to come! ;-)

Wow... wow. I think it's the crown molding and all those sunflowers and zinnias that send it over the top. Could be the copula.