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It seems that in a lot of print advertising, the way the viewers attention is grabbed is by showing them something they don't expect to see. This ad is a good example of that as it demonstrates the absorbency power of their paper towels.

Um. No. I haven't had kids, but nothing about childbirth seems enjoyable. Only the end result. But damn. Really? Some man is going perfume psycoprophylaxis and it will all be just fine? Watermelon thru a lemon guys. Watermelons thru a lemon.

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Lyst isn’t selling puppies: It’s a stunt by a notorious social media company — The Malcontent

Be wary of advertising or social media stunts that have nothing to do with your brand. The stunts may get you some attention, but they'll often do more harm than good. Every promotional decision should be based on brand values and business goals -- no matter how cool a concept may seem. ---- HugSpeak helps you develop a social media strategy that fits your brand and audiences. And, if you need someone to build and manage your social accounts, we do that too!

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Here's Apple's new marketing exec singing a parody of "Nothing Compares 2 U"

Here's Apple's new marketing exec singing a parody of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' As part of a number of key executive changes today Apple CEO Tim Cook hasnamed Tor Myhren as vice president of marketing communications. Myhren has animpressive background from his eight years at advertising firm Grey where he created the iconic campaigns like the E-Trade talking baby and Rob Lowe doing things for DirecTV. He's also it turns out pretty damn good at belting out an ad-focused parody of famous Sinead…

1920's Rowntrees Chocolate Advertising Poster A2 Reprint I chose this because it makes me wonder if any of our advertising seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the product

I loved the "Who is James Boag?" champaign when it first started. It always bothered me that after the initial images it all seemed to go awry. Turns out that the initial images where done by the great Helmut Newton, who passed away in 2004. Goes to show, nothing is ever as good as the original.

Du Pont: "You see so many good things in Du Pont Cellophane". Cigarettes, guns, cocaine and beer ... there was nothing advertisers didn't want to associate with babies and young kids in the past. Here's a selection of old-time ads that all seem a bit wrong now.

Tipalet Flavored Cigarettes: There's nothing quite as sexy as a strange man blowing second hand smoke in your eyes. You better run, girl, because that man is blowing cancer all up in your face. Ah, the good ole days, when people could sell you things that slowly kill you, while making them seem oh so sexy.

Cigarettes, guns, cocaine and beer ... there was nothing advertisers didn't want to associate with babies and young kids in the past. Here's a selection of old-time ads that all seem a bit wrong now.

Motorola Moto X Pure Edition review: Moto flies solo In 2013 Google instructed Motorola to reboot and reinvent itself as a producer of Android devices different from anything else. Motorola did almost nothing to stand out from the pack up until then. The brand and its devices couldnt stand out from Samsung and HTC despite being heavily promoted on its own and with help from carriers in the United States. Motorola was releasing phones and tablets at a pace not unlike as Samsung but without…

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In Pictures: Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns

The Evian roller babies advert is the most viewed online ad in history, according to Guinness book of world records. The ad has nothing to do with water, which is probably a good thing because its really important the brand distracts people from the fact its the same as tap water... Babies roller skating seems to have worked for now.

Let's discuss the great ones, the 25 greatest sitcom fonts from the 1990s. While it may seem like a competition, know that this is nothing more than a celebration.

WHY CHRISTIANS ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN. This is a really good read. I by no means think of myself as a Christian because to be a Christian is to be Christ like and I am far from that. But I agree with this 100%!! Halloween is of the devil. It's a day of darkness, fear, & death. And God is a God of light & life. To some christians, Halloween may seem harmless, but by participating in it we are entertaining the devil and that is exactly what he wants. This is not meant to…

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All born in 1928! Cole Haan casts Maya Angelou, China Machado, Elliot

To be 85 and starring in a major fashion label's campaign is nothing short of remarkable. It is also a stroke of genius on the part of Cole Haan to mark its 85th anniversary with a series of images of people also born in 1928. And 1928 was a winning year, it seems. The luxury accessories label shares its birth year with legendary poet and author Dr Maya Angelou, Apollo 13 astronaut Captain Jim Lovell, acclaimed photographer Elliott Erwitt.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has given Facebook’s Free Basics (a cutely rebranded a big thumbs-down, according to reports. The opposition from all quarters led to the decision by local regulators. “This can prove to be risky in the medium to long term as the knowledge and outlook of those users would be...

Madame Rowley’s Toilet Mask  Other than peddling false hope, there’s nothing inherently sinister about this mask. Still, it has a Hannibal Lecter–like appearance that definitely brings out the creep factor. Madame Rowley’s “Toilet Mask” was a beauty treatment in the 1890s that promised to beautify, bleach, and preserve the complexionof the wearer. Madame Rowley thought there was real science behind her invention and evenhad it patented. According to the patent, users were to put the mask…


How Can You Fail So Hard At Naming A Food Product Like This?

18 Food Name Fails:18 Foreign Foods With Badly Chosen English Names For Marketing | Cools And Fools

Common abusers: Clueless execs who think it makes their e-mail signature seem fun (because nothing bridges the six-figure salary gap between boss and worker bee like a good typeface); kids who identify with its kiddie-ness and thus apply it to their IMs, e-mails, and even school papers; homemade advertisements for DAYCARE PROVIDER'S or PARTY PLANNER'S (Comic Sans people tend to be apostrophe abusers as well) Probable famous user: Elizabeth Hasselbeck