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    And this is a list of your redeeming qualities. Looks like you're still a bitch.

    I Used To Care What People Thought About Me, Until One Day I Tried To Pay My Bills With Their Opinions.

    because some people just don't get it.

    I'll take your list! :)

    Meanwhile, at a women's equality demonstration, possibly the best protest sign ever.

    some people

    Some People....

    Funny Workplace Ecard: What exactly is your point, and when the fuck will you be getting to it?

    I always forget my list and/or things that are on my list


    haha if only i could actually say that to some people... its more true than you think

    Whatever it is that I did to make you hate me, I'd really like to know. I have other people I can use that on.

    Get over it !!!

    There are so many people this applies to!

    Yeah...this is pretty fitting right now

    I don't like you this much

    Yup some people need to see this

    Say it like the woman from Despicable me.

    I prefer my cats to pretty much everyone.

    over it