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    Best Explanation Ever

    haaa... :)



    Sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are boderline inappropriate. and by sorry, I mean you're welcome.


    May. June. July. August. Yup, even then it's not guaranteed.

    My scale is trying to make me feel fat again. Jealous lying whore.



    My neck and shoulder hurt from spending too much time on Pinterest while laying in bed, but I can't stop!

    Once you hate someone everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place". #quotes #fun #bitch

    So true!

    sadly i've been diagnosed

    I Think This Is the Best Explanation I Have Ever Seen HAhahahaha

    if only guys knew HALF of what we go through as chicks.


    I couldn't actually love this explanation of modern art more. I love that modern art is such a riddle.

    Pretty much.