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May 25, 1967 The Cruiser USS PROVIDENCE (CLG-6) was hit by an enemy shore battery fired from the DMZ, receiving superficial damage to main mast and no casuaties. Fire was returned and the battery sienced.

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[Photo] Canberra underway, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, United States, 14 Oct 1943, photo 4 of 4

Baltimore class heavy cruiser USS Canberra at Boston in October 1943 - she commemorated the Australian cruiser sunk together with 3 US ones at the Battle of Savo Island in August 1942. Torpedoed in October 1944, she was not repaired until after the end of hostilities. She was not de-commissioned until 1978 after conversion to a guided missile cruiser.

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15 badass women of World War II you didn't learn about in history class.

15 badass women of World War II, Violette Szabo, Allied Spy wreaked havoc against Nazis in France until she was caught and died in Ravensbruck

USS Long Beach, the first nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser and last Navy ship built with teak decks, is going to be auctioned for scrap metal after being mothballed for 17 years.

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Nuclear Cruisers And Battleships: Check Out This Reagan Era Navy Photo

US Navy ships in tight column as follows: USS New Jersey (BB-62), USS Missouri (BB-63) and USS Long Beach (CGN-9) and 2 other ships behind Long Beach, nice color rare picture! 1.2.16 New

USS Juneau (CL-52). The USS Juneau was sunk during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. In total 687 men, including the five Sullivan brothers, were killed in action as a result of its sinking.

RUTH ODOM BONNER, DAUGHTER OF A SLAVE, OPENED NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE [VIDEO] - Ruth’s father, Elijah Odom, was born into servitude in Mississippi. He was born a slave. As a young boy, he ran to his freedom. He lived through Reconstruction and he lived through Jim Crow. But he went on to farm, and graduate from medical school and raise a family.