USS Canberra (CA 2) Heavy Cruiser later converted to a heavy guided missile cruiser.

Doug Hegdahl was stationed on the USS Canberra in 1967.

8-9 August 1942 - Battle of Savo Island, near Guadalcanal - This was a naval battle of the Pacific Campaign of World War II, between the Imperial Japanese Navy and Allied naval forces. Americans lost three cruisers, the Australians one - The sinking of the Canberra by 24 Japanese shells that hit the ship.

USS Canberra bombarding the coast of Vietnam, Mar 1967.

USS Canberra CAG-2 light missile cruiser.

USS Canberra (CA 70) My daddy's ship, it was torpedoed during World War II. This was my uncle's ship in WW II. He was onboard when it was torpedoed.

Picture of the USS Canberra (CA-70)

Picture of USS Canberra (CA-70)

USS Canberra Vietnam Veteran t-shirt

USS Canberra CAG2-Home, sweet home.


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HMAS Canberra and USS Blue

Pictures of the USS Canberra (CA-70) - Heavy Cruiser / Missile Cruiser.

April 17, 1965 - Off Vietnam, the heavy cruiser USS Canberra (CAG 2)


Guided missile cruiser USS Canberra at sea, 19 Jan 1961

USS Canberra (CA-70) underway, November 1943. The Canberra was the only cruiser to be named after a foreign city.