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    • Jaymz Bee

      This was a ridiculously fun project to do with Melleny Melody and Clive Smith!

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    A collectors item. I got screwed on this one from Songcore, who went bankrupt and wasted two years of my life. Live and learn!

    I have little memory of writing songs with Carlos (ex-Yello) in Switzerland. I do recall losing my voice from all the electro-screaming!

    I really enjoyed producing this CD of eleven talented young ladies...all of which have gone on to do big things!

    A fun idea and great artwork from Jamie Grant who has done about 80% of all my CD covers!

    The Canadian/German pressing of our debut Swiss recording...way back in 1985!

    This was a ridiculously fun project to do with Melleny Melody and Clive Smith!

    I'll try to get a better scan of this...I don't even own this anymore and it's out of print! Anybody got a "tradsie"?

    MSM-KTEL records in Switzerland...way back in the day! Dr. Suess wrote us to say he liked this single!

    My best selling CD, thanks to Paul Alofs at BMG Canada and John Hudson at Milan/BMG New York.

    My debut RJO CD produced by Jono Grant. (The hair was dyed, and this look thankfully only lasted a few months!)

    A holiday favourite to this day!

    Some really fun big band tracks on this little baby!

    One of my favourite performances of all time. I love my band!

    The Royal Jelly Orchestra live in Oshawa - the theatre went banana cuckoo - so much talent on one stage!

    Just some of the great people who have played and recorded with The RJO frequently.

    The RJO - sometimes size IS everything!

    Variety is the spice of life.

    My first recording project with Dave Howard and Sahra Featherstone. Now, a decade later we have Bonzai Suzuki!

    Wrong and Strong. Perhaps this is misfiled and should be on my Style page!

    CBC late night, playing Paul Schaffer to Ralph Benmergui's Letterman was surreal. Look People dressed in black to mourn the death of Frank Zappa and only played Zappa stings on one show.

    Jim Carrey hired Look People for backing tracks on his Las Vegas show...having Clay Tyson and I sing backups? Priceless!

    Look People OWNED the streets of Europe in the eighties!

    Photo by Chris Lang at, this was "back in the day!"

    Before the turn of the century, there was Look People. Who is "the best guy?" (meaning the strangest dude in the photo - I say it's a draw!)

    Backstage at Massey Hall before our New Years Eve gig...2011...complete with ersatz attitude!