Wizard of OZ

love this quote.

What Do You Plan To Do With Your One Wild & Precious Life? Mary Oliver #Quote #FollowYourDreams

Heck yes I do!

love this

@Sarah Beach...i actually thought of Drew but remembered how much you LOVE song lyrics in everyday life:)

Love this

My dad alway sang this to my daughter. She now sings it to her son. Dad is in heaven smiling! Love you Dad.

my favorite day

"You're everything I know that makes me believe I'm not alone." Michelle Branch

This will always remind me of my old good friend from Hoover who wrote this in the scrapbook she and some friends made me as my going away gift. A lovely memory from my past that'll always be apart of who I am.

Miranda Lambert

Be your best Self.

Eric Church!!

Let's sing together now. :: Black & White 'Over the Rainbow' Print

Just Cry

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This saying was over the door in the NICU Lexy was at :)

Dr. Seuss

Sounds so cheesy but its so true! You appreciate the good once you've been through the bad!