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Buddleja davidii ´Black Knight´

Komule davidova ´Black Knight´

Purchased two yellow Butterfly bushes for lanscaping my front yard to hide utility boxes. They will look great, draw butterflys and hide ugly utility boxes in front of my house. Pretty bushes also!

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bought one of these on clearance as well for just a couple of dollars.bloomed well into the fall with gorgeous clusters.thinking of adding

Butterfly bush --(Buddleja dcvidii) -- top 22 plants for bees - Better Homes & Gardens

Top 22 Plants for Bees

butterfly bush ontario - Google Search

buddleja "pink delight" Butterfly bushes are not only beautiful, hummingbirds love them along with of course the butterflies.

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush

Acoma 10' White or Burgundy Cotton’ —12' White flowers appear atop foliage that changes from wine-red in spring to burgundy-green in summe

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Semi-Dwarf Crepe Myrtle 'Acoma' -- White flowers atop an arching, sculptural small tree. Grows about 10 feet tall. Great in a large container or small yard

train a butterfly bush into a standard  beautiful, but don't know if this would work in my zone

Train a fountain butterfly bush into a small tree. You can train a fountain butterfly bush as a standard, or single stem, so it looks like a small tree. This form is perfect for a smaller garden.

Planter to surround the patio, over the old bush stumps. - a possibility in the future

We were tired of going out back and sitting on patio stones so the de-construction began at the beginni.

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Lantana - beautiful, constantly flowering from spring to fall, and incredibly drought tolerant.