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  • Sheri Birdsong Hunter

    Cute idea to help with d's and b's.

  • Janice McGalliard

    "b" and "d" are so-o-o hard for kids to learn. This is good.

  • "Debs" Home Childcare

    cool way to teach kids the difference between b and d and can flip it upside down for p and q ... cool ideas for hands on learning!

  • Emily Fowler

    This elementary school teacher and mom of three's blog is really cool because she comes up with creative ways to build literacy skills and great ways to correct common spelling and reading mistakes. This specific pin is a great example of practicing the correct formation of the letters b and d. Often, young children struggle distinguishing between the two letters because they are similar in shape and sound. Letter reversal is common for kindergartners so this activity would be great in the classroom. Shelley Xu examines the impact of New Literacy Studies (NLS) on literacy development. This activity fits in well with the concept of multiliteracies. Multiliteracies involve alternative modes of learning such as visual, gestural, and spatial. This activity relies on all three of those things - the students are creating visual representations of the correct letter formations, the students are using their hands to make the letters, and the students are practicing spatial relations between different letters. I would definitely use this activity in my classroom to help students learn their letters and how to read them.

  • Megan Dysart

    Teaching Letters b and d

  • Aleisha McBride

    such a good idea for learning the direction of b & d

  • Syllabubble

    My first grade teacher used this with me--definitely works!

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