After while crocodile maybe two kangaroo chop chop lollipop, bye bye butterfly. ways to say goodbye without tears

See you later, Alligator!

Yesssss I have been looking fot this!! Grace loves after a while crocodile and see ya later alligator I can't waito tell her these ♥

i need to remember these

See you later, Alligator... michellesworth

Printable Door Sign for Testing Week

YOU DO! #printable

FREE -Here's a cute sign for your classroom about the noise and mess associated with learning. :)

Dr. Jean's song, "Good-bye" written as a poem and posted in my kindergarten classroom.

rules to live by

Think a little

Classroom goodbyes for a fun variety

This would be great on the back of (or somewhere near) the door.

before you speak...

Anything you could ever want to print

Work hard and be nice to people. #printables

cute line chants!

portfolio printables for throughout the year

Cute prints, sayings, or paintings

Perfect for my dollar tree monster bags

You can also change the word 'teacher' to 'student'. I bet a teacher would absolutely love a poem from a student like this.