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The Talk - First Day of School Speech. Perfect..every parent should give this to their child. Wonderful perspective on what's most important. Seriously read this!

10 Things Children Learn From Parents

12-Things-to-Tell-Our-Daughters - want to remember if i ever have a daughter (and for nieces and students)

School Binder with Printables

I wanted a grade printable for my almost and grader.  Originally I was just going to have them hold it for a picture but then I decided it’d be fun to have them write what they were looking forward to or hoping for in their upcoming year around the grade.

The Interrupt Rule

Kids must place hand on parent and wait patiently- parent can touch hand to acknowledge they know child wants to interrupt.

How To Give Your Kid The Best First Day Of School Ever

Snap a quick photo before heading off to school. Also, make a time capsule to open o. Last day of school to see changes through the year.

Dealing with Sibling Fighting and Rudeness

Dealing with Sibling Fighting and Rudeness {from a Christian perspective} raising children, kids, #kids parenting

How to Help an Angry Child Calm Down PLUS 8 Calming Tools to do ANYWHERE

Tips for Calming the Angry Child: Why it's ok to be upset, and how we can help our kids learn to calm themselves anywhere!

How to teach manners to toddlers, kids, and tweens

Because I WILL have a polite child...a list of manners to teach kids by age group. these are really good especially the table manners and patience.