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Soil Triangle If you want to get real fancy use the soil triangle to identify your soil structure    Identifying your soil type:  Soils ...

Building Healthy Soil - Simple soil test and how to upgrade your soil structure. Fill quart jar full of topsoil and add water to almost full. Shake to dissolve clumps & let jar sit overnight to determine soil structure and how to improve it.

Evaluating Soil Texture http://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/garden/evaluating-soil-texture?cm_mmc=pinterest-_-OrganicGardening-_-Content-LearnGrow-_-evaluatesoiltexture

How To Evaluate The Texture Of Your Soil In 3 Simple Steps

DIY Soil Testing - texture, as well as its other properties, is a critical step to a healthy garden. A simple way to judge clay/sand/silt ratios in soil.

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Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit

Farming & Agriculture: How To Test Soil Acidity/Alkalinity without a Test Kit--note: dead link

Can vinegar really kill weeds?  You just might be amazed! Can't wait to try this on those stubborn weeds!

Vinegar weed killer: no chemicals! Apple Cider Vinegar 1 t. Dish Soap (not Dawn) Mixed in a spray bottle. Add soap, then vinegar.

10 Easy Soil Tests | Rodale's Organic Life

10 Easy Soil Tests

Soil experiment in mason jar | science | Pinterest

Jar Testing for Soil Type - Ya’ know what makes me happy? I’m not talkin’ about crappy dirt on the side of the road, I’m talkin’ about real, dark, rich & moist dirt.

You've tested your soil; now what? Amending your soil naturally.

You've Tested Your Soil; Now What? Amending Your Soil Naturally

You’ve tested your soil. You’ve received the results. But do you know how to interpret them? Learning and Yearning shows you what to look for and how to go about improving your soil for the proper pH and nutrient levels your plants need.

Test your soil pH at home with ingredients from your kitchen

How to Do a Soil pH Test at Home

Test your soil pH at home with ingredients from your kitchen Distilled Water (because it has a neutral pH. Use can use regular water, but it could affect the outcome) White vinegar (an acid) Baking soda (a base or alkaline) A bowl and spoon

So doing this around the garden.

Gardening DIY - A Safe and All-Natural Way to Get Rid Of Garden Weeds - DIY...

Gardening DIY – A Safe and All-Natural Way to Get Rid Of Garden Weeds, You just need vinegar and a spray bottle. You can spray it around your lawn to get rid of those pesky weeds