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X all the Y, all the things meme, Night before going away on a trip, Charge all the electricals

Hahaha yes, this is too true!!

Don't have much experience with the winter one but summer one is definitely true


Haha everytime I see a clown fish I'm like "Nemo !" Then I see the yellow fish and I'm like "bubbles ! My bubbles😐, lol. Btw the first fish is Flo from Findinq Nemo.

10 things you have probably done in your life

10 Things That You Have Maybe Done In Your Life. I've done em all & not necessarily as a kid haha

Before the exams, during the exams, after the exams...prophetic for tommorrow?

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me in math class..lol

Everything on the internet is true (27 photos)

Funny pictures about How College Works. Oh, and cool pics about How College Works. Also, How College Works photos.

Haha! This is SO me!!! My name isn't John, but you know what I mean :) I wish I had those other signatures!!!

Develop a nice consistent signature: Haha! This is SO me! My name isn't John, but you know what I mean :) I wish I had those other signatures!

So true!

Best photos of the week (61 photos)

Sleeping with chronic pain. I had to laugh out loud. Some nights I can't sleep in the same way I did the night before.

When I say something weird…which would be ALL the time!

When I say something weird…

I don't really have this problem because my friends and I always say weird things together and laugh about it.but it's still funny!