The Kiss Of Life by Rocco Morabito, 1968 Pulitzer Prize. Jacksonville Journal photographer Rocco Morabito is on his way to photograph a railroad strike when he notices Jacksonville Electric Authority linemen high up on the poles. “I passed these men working and went on to my assignment,” says Morabito. “I took eight pictures at the strike. I thought I’d go back and see if I could rind another picture.” But when Morabito gets back to the linemen, “I heard screaming. I looked up and I ...

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Prompt: "She turned the picture over and wrote: 'KISS MY ASS!' She mailed it to her boss before she stepped on the train. 'Make her into a great thief..!' She already was a great thief! And he'd probably figured that out by now."


This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

The OTHER kiss. Times Square, August 14, 1945 — V-J Day.

32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach drop....i want to go get an adrenaline rush RIGHT NOW


"Kiss of Liberation" An American soldier kissing a little Italian girl, WWII

I like giving random surprise kisses. More romantic ideas on!

Thirty-two-year-old mountaineer Homer Peel kisses his bride Geneva on the courthouse steps at Madisonville, Tenn., June 25, 1937, after he was told by the court that he could keep his 12-year-old wife. Peel testified he married the child after his efforts to get her into an orphanage proved unavailing.

♥ 6000 year old kiss. Hasanlu, IRAN

The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2012- "Fashionistas pose for photographs in front of [near] a homeless man outside Moynihan Station following a New York Fashion Week show in September." photo by Lucas Jackson for Reuters

Boston Fire. 1976 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Stanley J. Forman

She remembers the moment. The photographer took her picture. She remembers her anger. The man was a stranger. She had never been photographed before. Until they met again 17 years later, she had not been photographed sinceThe portrait by Steve McCurry turned out to be one of those images that sears the heart, and in June 1985 it ran on the cover of this magazine. Her eyes are sea green. They are haunted and haunting, and in them you can read the tragedy of a land drained by war.

"A man's kiss is his signature." - Mae West

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