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    An Open Letter to White Male Comedians: The entire "debate" over pro- rape jokes boils down to one simple point: There are rapists in your audience.

    Sparta - problematic but their women were fierce

    How Colleges’ Lenient Sexual Assault Policies Allow Serial Rapists To Escape Punishment

    The front of the UNC Tarheel Student Newspaper #SAAM - GO Tarheels

    She wanted to be the wolf

    Why her?

    (by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.) That's correct-- I don't owe you my time-- so f*** off.

    HERO: Krystyna Skarbek: (born 1908 & died 1952) was a Polish Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent. She became celebrated especially for her daring exploits in intelligence and irregular-warfare missions in Nazi-occupied Poland and France. She became a British agent months before the SOE was founded in July 1940 and was one of the longest-serving of all Britain’s wartime women agents.

    Katie Hnida - First woman to score in a Division 1A college football game and sexual assault survivor


    Digitizing Abuse Infographic

    "My little black dress does not mean yes!" #feminism #equality #consent #rapeculture #rape #activism #stencil

    The War on Divorce. Wisconsin Rep. Don Pridemore is co-sponsor of Senator Glenn Grothman’s (R-West Bend) bill (SB 507) that would list “nonmarital parenthood”as a cause of child abuse and neglect.” Grothman says the epidemic of single parenthood is women's fault and they ought to just take a beating and stay married:‘If they can re-find those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help. children will “go astray” since the father is usually the “disciplinarian.”

    "No means no. Yes means Yes. Wherever we go, however we dress." #feminism

    Louise Brealey, Kate Nash #Feminism

    "Women deserve to occupy (W)ALL STREETs without fear" - "Patriarchy is for dicks" #feminism #equality #occupywallstreet #activism

    for the guys...


    Support safe spaces.

    The entire idea of being anti-choice is rooted in the belief that women don't own their bodies, and what they want for their bodies is irrelevant. | small quote from a great article @ Raw Story

    This is why I need Feminism.

    When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories By Dorothy Fadiman. This Academy Award-nominated film features compelling first person accounts which reveal the physical, legal, and emotional consequences during the era when abortion was a criminal act. Remembrances include those of women who experienced illegal abortions, doctors who risked imprisonment and loss of their licenses for providing illegal abortions, and individuals who broke the law by helping women find safe abortions.

    Virne Beatrice "Jackie" Mitchell Gilbert (Aug 29,1912,13or14–Jan 7,1987) was one of the first female pitchers in professional baseball history.Pitching for the Chattanooga Lookouts Class AA minor league baseball team in an exhibition game against the New York Yankees, she struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. A few days after Mitchell struck out Ruth and Gehrig, baseball commissioner Kenesaw Landis voided her contract and declared women unfit to play baseball as the game was "too strenuous"

    Virginia State Senator Janet Howell made a statement when she proposed an amendment to a bill that requires a pregnant woman to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. Howell’s amendment would have required men to undergo a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before getting a prescription for erectile dsyfunction drugs.

    Lucy Stone - determined that men were reading the Bible in a way to suppress women, she worked her way through school to learn Greek and Latin to prove them wrong. Kept her last name, chopped her hair off, scandalously wore precursors to pants, was kicked out of church for arguing that women had the right to own property and to be able to divorce abusive alcoholic husbands. Considered a true radical for her time, she spoke in public frequently and headed multiple prominent womens organizations.