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Here's some more James Bond car chase images with and Judi Dench from the new 007 movie, plus you can check out some new footage shot behind the scenes. 'Skyfall's' Daniel Craig has said that he'll keep doing James Bond movies until they tell him to stop, and he's going to

There's been a slew of Daniel Craig and Judi Dench images from the latest James Bond 'Skyfall' movie, but now we've got a chase scene with Craig and Javier Bardem that you can check out below. The 'Skyfall' movie was shooting in the heart of London again this weekend before they move on to Turkey

The latest James Bond 'Skyfall' movie set images give a pretty big clue on the plot that Daniel Craig will be dealing with. Readers of the book will know what 'Skyfall' is, but this is where M and Bond flee from London to Scotland. Bond's family story will take part in the 'Skyfall' movie as images

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this is what Skyfall is for those hungering for some James Bond movie news!

Lindsay Lohan is probably happy that Amanda Bynes antics have taken her off the radar while she continues her rehab on her birthday. It sounds like she may be finally doing it right for the next year as word is that she plans to take some time off the rader completely after completing her program

If you can’t get enough of Ben Kingsley as Mandarin in the upcoming Iron Man 3, you can also check him out playing another intense role in A Common Man. He plays a seemingly average man who has put five deadly bombs around a major international city and will detonate them unless four international terrorists are released from governmental prisons.

Here we go again with another planned shooting at another huge movie opening, and this time it was for the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, but thankfully Blaec Lammers mother intervened before anything could happen.

Twelve sucked but Ocean's Eleven & Thirteen were fun. #mattdamon I loved the first movie so much too!