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rainbow reflections

This is how you make a chain linked fence beautiful. Thousands of iridescent acrylic Plexiglas squares inserted into a chain link fence by Soo Sunny Park & Spencer Topel

soo sunny park - installation of "unwoven light" 2013

"soo sunny park - installation of "unwoven light" Beautiful installation, judging by the transparent colorful material used i bet that this installation would be awesome in direct sunlight.

Artist Mary Goldthwaite-Gagne studies "Capturing Resonance," a piece made of chain-link fencing

“Capturing Resonance” at deCordova Museum by sculptor Soo Sunny Park and composer Spencer Topel. Park created the undulating textile by inserting thousands of acrylic squares into chain link fencing.


Now these are the kind of jewels that I hope to get on Valentine’s Day! ♥ I so badly want American artist Kirsten Hassenfeld to hang one of these gorgeous installations from my ceiling! Delicate, light-infused, paper-based mixed media jewels… yes please.

'Floating Plastic Bag Sculpture'   by Robert Janson.  www.designdodo.wordpress.com #wallartroad #recycled #art

Robert Janson's floating plastic bag sculptures

Robert Janson’s Floating Plastic Bag Sculptures Resemble Giant Pink Jellyfish robert janson floating bag installation – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Metallic boulders made by sculptor Jim Hodges

Diy with rocks and metallic paint.New York artist Jim Hodges has created these beautiful works. It's hard to get an idea of scale in these images.

Amazing light sculptures

Amazing light sculptures

Art & Installation Installation by Roseline de Thélin - FREQUENCY - 2011 - Lincoln Festival of Digital Culture Homos Luminosos in St Within Church

dispicable-artist:  The Quilt Tree, San Francisco, California

15 metre tall baobab tree sculpture in Southbank, London as part of the Festival of the World exhibition. Each ring is made by people and material from around the globe. The baobab tree is the oldest living tree in Africa, a symbol for meditation and comm

Remember Lite Brite? At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology, there is a large-scale version of this childhood favorite.

Lite Brite: Super-Sized

Colourful interaction for kids, creating your own designs and shapes through a simple but effective colour cup and white light shining behind Giant Lite Brite! At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology.