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Vocabulary strategy - students write vocabulary words on each post-it, trace the post-its on a piece of paper, and write each definition in the squares. They trade with a partner and the partner has to stick each word on top of its definition.

Great strategy for teaching students to put spaces between words- FREE spacing cue cards.

Draw what happens in the story. Technically a reading comprehension worksheet but SO GREAT for helping young kids understand the elements of a scene. Using it in my 1st grade drama class next week.

Sentence Surgery...laminated unedited sentence strips, bandaid strips for ending punctuation, small round bandages for commas and quotations, tongue depressors to mark capitalization, and 'Emergency Kit' paper bags w/ red cross on them (to keep surgery supplies). Can adjusted to use K-6...the kids loved it!


Phonics SECRETS™

Secret Stories-look like great mnemonics!

Graffiti Tables". Basically, it's an interactive, hands-on way to teach guided reading groups. How does it work? Each Friday we cover our reading table with large sheets of butcher paper. We design our weekly tables based on the unit theme and skills for that particular week

My students last year loved having whole class journals to write in. They had a chance to write in them during Work on Writing, and a chance to read them during Read to Self. I made up a new set of 8. At the moment they are pretty plain covers, but once a student writes in it they have the option of choosing a sticker from my collection to place on the front cover. The stickers show me how many kids have tackled each topic.

Classroom Freebies Toofrom Classroom Freebies Too

FREE} Roll-a-Story Writing Activity for Beginning Writers!

Roll-a-Story: great for storytelling (verbal or written)! Helps creativity and build vocabulary! Freebie

Friday Journals--kids write a note on Friday to their parents telling what they learned that week. The parents write a short response back to their child, and the child brings the notebook back Monday. Each parent response earns a sticker for the cover. Love it--a great way to practice letter writing, and to get parents involved. Helps the children ingrain what has been taught into their memory too.