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How To Clean Rust Off Old Loaf Tins

How to easily remove rust with olive oil, baking soda, water, and a scourer to save those rusty pans.

Pin this one for those times your bakeware is stained with food, grease and rust!

How to Remove Stains on Bakeware

3 ways to get your bake ware squeaky clean! How to remove rust stains in 6 steps, general stains in and stains from aluminum bake ware with vinegar in 4 steps! A total kitchen hack you must try!

carnauba paste wax after painting metal outdoor furniture.....says it prevents rust and repels water

carnauba paste wax after painting metal outdoor furniture….says it prevents rust and repels water carnauba paste wax after painting metal outdoor furniture….says it prevents rust and repels water was last…

The oxalic acid in a potato helps to dissolve rust. Dip the sliced end in dish soap or baking soda and firmly rub it over the rusted area. Slice again, and repeat.

Quick Tip #22: How to Remove Rust From Household Items

Remove Rust with a Potato! Cut the raw potato, dip cut end in baking soda or dish soap and rub over rusted area. If potato gets slick, cut again and repeat. Then rinse and dry well. The oxalic acid in the potato helps to dissolve the rust.

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Skip the Harsh Cleaners: You Can Remove Rust with a Potato! The potato trick is so handy (and non-toxic!) and it isn't limited to cast iron — you can use it to remove rust from baking pans, knives, and other household tools. Tips from The Kitchn

Remove Rust the Natural Way, with a Potato! — Tips from The

More Cast Iron Frying Pan Love Even cast iron pans that have been seasoned and cleaned carefully will develop a little rust once in awhile. My favorite way to tackle rust on cast iron skillets, knives and other cooking tools? With a raw potato.

Clean in between glass on oven door.... a solution

Oven glass cleaning-- Not that impressed with the baking soda soak. Still took steel wool to clean it and still have powder all over the oven door. The cleaning INSIDE the glass door tip was awesome!

Remove Rust

Remove rust spots from knives with Lemon Juice & Knives= Soak your knives in lemon juice for a few minutes then scrub a little with the scratchy side of the sponge and TA-DA!

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How to remove rust from your metal knives.

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How to remove rust spots knife (not alum. foil, not lemon juice -- Bar Keeper's Friend!