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I know this is probably talking about Leo the lion but we can pretend it means the other Leo. The better Leo :)

men should be beardy. =)

This would be shawn out of the army.BEARD GIFT Art Print by Rob Osborne by RobOsborne on Etsy

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So just found out that my zodiac sign I've thought I've had forever is basically WRONG! And that I'm a Leo?This is me too . Maybe it's all just bullshit, but I guess I actually am a Leo

#zodiaccity... This is soooo me

My Leo drives me crazy with this Bipolar Leo's !Zodiac Leo facts — Leo tends to have different personalities. They can be very outgoing, funny and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, shy and moody.

Leo: Tries to Protect their Feelings

One of true facts about Leo is their strong personality. Even when deeply hurt or facing the biggest obstacle of life, Leo can still show their adorable smile and say I'm fine.

Ilustracixc3xb3n: Hello Shane

~'Vanity Fair Barber Shop' by Hello Shane If this isn't hipster enough for you, we don't know what is. Regardless, its a great design!