Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her  with a hoe, and she laughs with a harvest!  --Douglas Jerrold (1803-1857)

Video games can be art too. Take inspiration from real life, photography, paintings and incorporate them in a meaningful way. We don't have to make trash or poorly rendered games, this kind of beauty is possible and should be used more often.

sunflowers. The perfect dream would to run through the sunflower hills without a worry of being stung

Andalucia, Spain there are fields of sunflowers all over the earth. There are the same amount of sunflower fields as grape vines LOVED seeing these on my drive everyday

Salemi, Sicily-Angelo's place

Salemi, Sicily-Angelo's place

places untouched by mankind1

Eamon Mac Mahon: The Boreal Forest contains million lakes and 80 percent of the world's unfrozen fresh water.

Photographer - Sarah Gawler

gorgeous pastoral scene by photographer Sarah Gawler.reminds me of Cashiers

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OH - THIS is my dream! country morning: Pinner said, "an early morning walk down the path, past the barn to the meadow where light wakes my soul.