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San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos is a Wedding Venue in Mikonos, Egeo, Greece. See photos and contact San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos for a tour.

love this room

When we first moved in we didn& have the wherewithal to get the bed frame out of storage and up 2 flights of stairs so we slept on a boxspring and mattress on the floor for a couple of months

another awesome little nook


Tucked-Away Guest Room What do you do with a odd six-by-six room? Install a daybed that doubles as guest sleeping space and a reading nook.Small Space Design - Home Decorating Solutions - Good Housekeeping

under the stairs idea.. for people with  cubby walk - ins. how freakin' adorbs

Secret room in Meghan Boody's tribeca loft. I would love this secret room in my closet!

5 Alternative Uses for a Desk

5 Alternative Uses for a Desk

10 ideas for home offices for small spaces-behind the couch is a possibility for 2 bedroom with no desk room in master