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  • Donna Powers

    Handmade, colorful, full-of-character grandfather clock, long case.

  • Jada Lujan

    Hand constructed, Hand carved, Hand painted grandfather clock. Constructed and carved from pine and hand painted with acrylic paints. Additional designs available. Functional clock has storage in the middle with shelving behind the door. Simple clock mechanism that operates from a battery. Approximately 6-7 feet tall. A truely unique addition to any home decor... a special relic retrieved from Brandon Sherwood's Forest.

  • Ankie Mia Andefelt KoskinenvälimaaSavo

    ○~~~~~ grandmother clock ~~~~~○

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Clock Hourglass Time: Handmade, colorful, full-of-character grandfather clock.

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love grandfather clocks!

Ornately carved Le Ore grandfather clock. (Italian)

This clock represents time and the role it plays in the novel. The novel is told in a non chronological order which represents the absurdity of time. In truth, time, in the novel as well as real life, is simply a man-made illusion and truly means noting unless one decides it does.

grandfather clock art

Clock in downtown Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Clock Hourglass Time: Vintage #Clock.

My grandfather would roll over in his grave but a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. Thanks Grandpa!