Peter Gentenaar Street baroque 130 x 100 cm

Peter Gentenaar

lithograph on cut paper by Danielle Rante


Elsa Mora Paper Art.

Dots and full stops ~ Alex Dipple

by Lesa Hepburn Paper pulp painting & hibiscus tilliaceous fibres

paper, folding

Peter Gentenaar

Light Sculpture - Moods Of The Sky, illuminated papier mache sculpture FOA wire sculpture unit.

Rippling Contours & Beautiful Textures "Waterdrager" paper sculpture //Peter Gentenaar

Deconstructing Beauty: Christina Chalmers - artsy forager

Made of paper. What??

Sculptural Paper Jewellery - alternative materials; art jewelry // Flora Vagi


This is a paper cut of Brisbane my home city and I really love the art of paper cutting. I think that this is a really beautiful way of seeing either your favourite city or your own home city.


Paper Dress

cecilia levy - paper eggs <3

Beth Cavener Stichter, The Sentimental Question (detail)