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"Just so you know.if I'm at your house and you tell me to make myself at home.I will take off my bra, yell at your kids and drink all the vodka." Well, I will keep my bra on, but the other parts?

I read this with Roger's voice in my head...haha. Too funny.

Funny pictures about I had to learn it the hard way. Oh, and cool pics about I had to learn it the hard way. Also, I had to learn it the hard way.

The Oxford Comma Is Pretentious                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Oxford Comma Is Pretentious

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: A douche bag of your magnitude could cleanse a whale's vagina. Keith remind you of anyone?

Silly me just packed away Kyle's slushie maker for the winter! Guess I'm pulling it back out!

Strawberry Basil Margarita

I made this margarita with my kids' slushie machine. Alex had to ask which drinks were his when we busted out the slushie machine!


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Your dumb shit is what makes me want to get tanked at 11 am.

Must remember this next time DH starts griping while I am parking...

Funny Confession Ecard: If a woman is bad at parking, it's only because she is constantly lied to about what 8 inches is.

Ecard humor

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Some mornings I wake up and think, yep, todays the day I punch someone square in the throat.

Bahahaha. Thats great!! Cant stop laughing!!! plastic-smiles-p

bahahahahahahahahahahahaha not even joking, I work in a hotel and watched a grown man do this today! Down a waterslide with no water! Made me lol so hard

Laugh 'Til You Fart @ http://funnypictures247.com

I've said this to my husband about 3000 times now. so far, I've done okay :)

8. But this doesn't mean we don't have a few 'eccentric' family members.

15 Things You MUST Know About Dating Someone From North Carolina

Here in the South, we don't hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a cocktail. -- I think I should live in the South