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Waterproof iPhone case lets you to take pics & video underwater! Genius!

waterproof iPhone case allows you to take pics & video underwater! A must have lake accessory.such a good idea.

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I want a wall of these in my house!

Brighten a blank wall with this unique hanging fish bowl! cute for a kids room or play room!

A pocket projector to display your screen wherever you go - Plus 32 other Products Every iPhone Addict Will Want - Buzzfeed...x

The iPhone Pocket Projector allows you to project videos or photos onto any surface simply by docking your phone to the device. The tiny projector is aweso

Big Lake Float...I would love this

Party Lake Raft This would be awesome I'm so ready to float the river with this!

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Portable Fireplace by Electrolux by Camillo Vanacore  I need this

Portable Fireplace by Electrolux

Electrolux Fireplace by Camillo Vanacore. Electrolux Fireplace by Camillo Vanacore. The portable ceramic fireplace goes from opaque to translucent as it warms up and then becomes opaque once more as it cools down. Alas, it is only conceptual at this time.

Cute and functional wallet/mirror/stand case. I want this so bad. http://pinterest.com/barboolaTiffny/iphone-accessories-collection/

Case for iPhone with built-in storage space for credit cards/ID. Awesome for a night out when you don't want to carry a purse. I think I need to get an iPhone just for this case.

The Most Genius Bookmark OF ALL TIME. Why Are We Not Funding This?

A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading. (OO) A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of…