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    • Patti R

      One Easter I bought a baby duck from the pet store. After the clerk told me I needed to buy 2 because 1 would be lonely, I listened to that duck quack for 4 hours straight before I took it back to the pet store and hung my head in shame. Mom said NO to 2 ducks...QUACK!

    • Cara Barendregt

      Cute baby duck. Ducks really do make good pets. They are a lot of fun. Just takes a hose to clean up after them.

    • Sony

      I love baby animals! Especially baby ducks!

    • Melina G

      Baby ducks are such sweet little creatures

    • brittney.

      baby ducks are the cutest things. ever.

    • Tiffany Toderean

      cutie pie... :) quack quack ♡♡♡

    • Brooke Baldecchi

      lil baby duckie quack quack

    • Elvira Satchanov

      Cute duckling quack quack

    • Stephanie Plum

      Baby ducks are so sweet!

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    What is it about looking at baby ducks (and other baby animals) that just makes it impossible to be sad? =)


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    Aw Qev

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    Duck, duck, duck...

    Melt!! 💖 Glow fluffy sweet Japanese study about cute baby animals increasing focus in full effect!!!

    Three Ducklings, by Sharon Montrose - Also the one with 3 bunnies is pretty adorable on Sharon Montrose's website

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    Baby duckie

    baby ducks:) so sweet!


    ~~ Two Baby Ducks ~~

    Baby giraffe here to find out more P.S. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IN HERE Rachel Jordan moav