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Where are my Shoes? Painting by Golnaz AFRAZ

Buy Where are my Shoes?, a Acrylic on Cardboard by Golnaz AFRAZ from France. It portrays: Animal, relevant to: colors, comedy, jerome bosch, animal, histories Painting, Drawing on cardboard ( 300 gr) Inspired by Jérôme Bosch, Classic Painter.

n 1969 Dali created a series of 11 drypoint etchings with hand coloring entitled Les Hippies. The inspiration for this suite came from photographs taken in India by his longtime friend and publisher, Pierre Argillet. The etchings reveal the superb, spontaneous and consummate technique of the artist at the peak of his maturity. Outlandish, surrealist characters or situations appear in these 11 images through intricate whirls and golden halos.

Maybe the world's best sculpture (the outside wall of a cemetary in Paris, amazing ghost faces coming out of the rocks in a way that it's hard to tell if it's on purpose or not) ruined by some dink named "Cejek" or something. Still though, amazing weird faces huh?

Georg Baselitz ‘Rebel’, 1965 In the mid-1960s, Baselitz embarked on a series of paintings depicting giant male figures, which he described as 'rebels', 'shepherds' or 'new types'. Rebel can be seen within the tradition of the Romantic partisan - a hero and outsider often associated with the figure of the artist. The implement in his right hand may be a flagpole or paintbrush. In contrast to the triumphant warriors of the past, this is the wounded and dishevelled anti-hero of today.

Salvador Dali (1904-1989), Return, O Shulamite (Song of Songs of King Solomon), etching, stencil and gilding.

Salvador Dalí - The Song of Songs of Solomon is a series of 12 etchings that demonstrate Dalí's interest in religious themes and stories of the Old Testament. "Return, Return, Shulamite" portrays the verse "Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon thee: what will yee see in the Shulamite? as it were the company of two armies" (Song of Solomon 6:13, King James Version).