Silly Putty and funny papers on Sunday morning?!

Paper fortune teller game.


Do you remember this????

Wonder if I still remember how to fold these?

Double Bubble gum with comics - oh, I remember the flavor and it was only 1cent.

you turn these upside down and they "moo" Still have one!

loved em

8 tracks... ha ha

The rubber glue tip (for dabbing glue on things) would get hard with glue and you would have to try to get the dried glue off the opening after each use. memba these?

My favorite carnival game! the floating ducks at the carnival because you were sure to get something every time!

Silly Putty! I loved "printing" the Saturday newspaper funnies on this!

Who didn't have a Spirograph?

S & H Green

Rubber Swimming Caps - Had to wear in swim class...

Three's Company

silly putty

omg! I remember this!!

Toe socks

Used to roll it up and bounce it off the wall or press it onto newspaper cartoon strips so the image would be on the Silly Putty

popular toys from the 80s - These were like kid crack!! We would do anything for these.