• Phoebe Caulfield

    Idea for creating a DIY "stained glass" window: covering a window w/gels. ("Filtersamples for Spectrum, 2009" by Jessica Eaton)

  • Samidha Ghosh

    Filter Samples, by Jessica Eaton | 20x200 Filter Samples documents the means used to create one of many attempts to construct fictional rainbows. Hundreds of swatches from Lee Filters sample packs were arranged on the window, by spectral wave transmission, to turn my living room into a ROYGBIV light box.

  • miko

    Filter Samples by Jessica Eaton. cool idea, great print!

  • Omehra Sigahne {Inday Perla}

    wow. woman takes pieces of colored glass and glued them to her living room window.

  • Shelby

    Mosaic Glass Window Colors

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