Lots of couples have a furry baby before a “real” baby comes into the picture. I love the idea of capturing a love-filled moment between your pet and your newborn. This picture taken by Hanna Mac is truly worth a thousand words!

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little cowgirl

A frilly romper and cowboy hat and boots! If I had a little girl, she would be wearing this.

nashville newborn photographer | jenny cruger photography

Beautiful example of how a Mama can dress up for a lifestyle session, without looking too formal.

50  Tips and Ideas for Newborn Photography

50+ Tips and Ideas for Newborn Photography


oh my goodness! The hair! I had to pin this bc I've seen newborns with a ton of hair, but never blonde! It doesn't even look like newborn soft hair. This is full on grown up blonde hair!

hubbies! make for your wife as a gift for her first mother' day! (or for whoever is as important in your child's life)!!

The Best DIY Father's Day Gifts

Valentine picture DIY Christmas Gift Idea ~ footprints make the V. sweet Christmas gift for grandparents! Should you love arts and crafts you'll will really like this info!